Paper documents are of critical use in Offices, Banks, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, and various other places.

Bleaf brings India’s First UVC real-time Paper Sterilizer which helps you disinfect all your paper documents. Our patent-pending technology protects you to get exposed to bacteria, germs, and various life-threatening viruses like Corona that are welcomed by your hands.

Product Highlights

Sensor-based Mechanism

Operating on an automated sensor based mechanism, Beleaf SafeDox uses UVC lights of specific wavelength for a scientifically evaluated time period, to allow a real-time sterilization of all types of Paper Documents.

Fastest Sterilization Time

In the fastest recorded sterilization time, SafeDox includes a real-time sterilization mechanism where you can sanitize paper documents on the go, in less than 10 seconds.

Unique Chamber

It also includes a unique chamber to keep thick files or folders for quick sterilization.

Key Features

  • 6 UVC LED (highest in the segment)
  • High intensity UVC dose for faster sterilization
  • UVC Wavelength of 253.7 nm
  • 99.99% non-toxic UVC Sterilization
  • Ozone free operation

  • Residual free sterilization
  • No carcinogenic chemicals used
  • Sealed Box with No UVC exposure
  • Durable and compact design
  • Countertop Solution
  • In-built UVC LED Driver
  • UVC LED life of 9000 hours
  • Pan India service support
  • 100% UV Exposure to items for better Sterilization
  • Ideal Wavelength to destroy DNA of Bacteria and Virus

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Technical Specifications

ModelPaper SlotChamber
SafeDox 10111

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