Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is UV ray safe for human exposure?

A: UV ray is NOT safe for direct exposure on human skin and is known to cause skin burns, cancer and extremely harmful for eyes.

However, Bleaf SafeDox and SafeCash are 100% safe for human usage. The entire system is fully sealed with zero UV exposure risk to its users during normal operating conditions.

Q: How much time does it take to sanitize a document, currency or A4 size document?

A: It takes approximately 10 secs to sanitize both sides of flat objects in SafeDox and SafeCash for rapidly operating businesses.

Our patented products are designed to be deployed at Retail spaces, banks, hospitals, offices etc. counter-tops with complete freedom from redundant handling of objects and re-contamination risks.

Q: Does this product contain ozone?

A: This is an ozone-free device to ensure safe operating and environmental considerations.

Q: How can you be sure that your products kill COVID-19 virus?

A: It is not possible to test it on Coronavirus strains due to existing regulations. However, Bleaf devices are certified* to kill 99.9% of tough strains of bacteria with UV exposure calculated meticulously to eliminate COVID strains too. Our devices produce highest intensity of UV dose in the market segment considering the number of lights and distance from the object.

Q: Why does your product sanitize one item at a time?

A: It is a conscious design decision of a product that is dedicated to sanitize 100% of the surface areas of objects that tend to exchange multiple hands.

Our devices are built to sanitize fully both sides of flat surfaces within a fraction of seconds as compared to multiple minutes taken by other commercial uv-chambers.

Q: Is SafeDox and SafeCash work both ways?

A: No, there is one entry and one exit face. It is assumed that the objects are sanitized fully in one UV scan and the receiver is maintaining all precautions. 

If insisted by the object deliverer, the devices are portable enough to be accessed from both sides by one person OR operate the override switch for reverse motion of object – however the latter is not recommended.

Q: What is the warranty on this product?

A: The product comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects or part failures. Please read the warranty document for more details.

Q: Does Bleaf SafeDox or SafeCash available as other brands?

A: The copyrights are owned solely by Bleaf Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and the technology has been filed for patent publishing.

Q: What is the COO (Country of Origin) of SafeDox and SafeCash?

A: SafeDox and SafeCash have been conceptualized, designed, developed and manufactured by Bleaf Technologies in India with parts sourced from India. 

Q: Does the UVC Light used in the apparatus generate Ozone?

A: No. We are consciously using Ozone free LED’s with UV wavelength of 253.7nm. Ozone gas is hazardous for humans and we have taken care of this factor in our design.

Q: How can SafeDox sanitize a file with many pages inside it?

A: SafeDox has a UVC chamber on top that will sanitize files and other object. The size of the chamber is suitable for all standard files and folder used in Public and Private sector. It is designed to sanitize only the exposed surfaces and we do not claim to clean any surface that are not appropriately exposed to internal UVC system. The conscious decision is taken to use Ozone free LEDs for the safety of the humans.

Q: Can we sterilize Electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops etc.?

A: The chamber provided in SafeDox can be used for sterilization of miscellaneous electronic items like Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets etc.

Q: What is the sterilization time of items placed in the SafeDox chamber?

A: The sterilization time in SafeDox Chamber is less than 3 minutes for all items considering our unique design with high UVC intensity.