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Safety Comes First. Sterilize Your Currency & Documents, Real-time!

Product Highlights

Orders Open for SafeDox. Pre-Orders open for SafeCash.

Patent Filed Technology

Bleaf brings a patent filed technology to sterilize all kinds of paper, plastic currency, cheques, and documents, real time.

Real-time UVC Sterilization

Focused on over the counter cash, card, documentary transactions, we are using UVC with germicidal properties to sterilize on the go in less than 10 seconds. There is no waiting time to deter or defer business.

Dedicated Product

Our current product launches are dedicated to sterilize Paper/Plastic currency, Cheques and Documents. We are not blocking your currency and frying it. We are sterilizing on the go!

SafeCash, SafeDox

Bleaf brings Fastest Real Time Sterilization for Making Paper/Plastic Currency, Cheques, and Documents Bacteria & Virus free in less than 10 seconds